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Classic Wood Floors was started in 1992. We started  wood floor refinishing and repair business after many years of remodeling homes and doing the wood floors. We are very interested in the context of individual homes and the period of time they were built. When asked to, Classic Wood Floors may suggest finishes and colors that best express the period and materials used at the time, otherwise, we follow what the taste of the homeowner demands.

We love the richness of wood floors and how they have transformative effects to interior spaces. We've always felt they add dollar as well as aesthetic value to any home.  Let our long experience show you how you can bring out the best in your home when it comes to wood floors.

CWF has been in business for over 28+ years and we continue to provide the same quality today as we did back then. We give the best product, service and customer satisfaction. Our top online rating reflects this. Our many satisfied customers refer us to other friends and family, and most of our business has come through this "word-of-mouth". We pride ourselves on this trust that's been established between us and our customers.

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