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We install a wide spectrum of wood flooring types.  The most traditional type, is solid tongue and groove that comes in various lengths and widths. We can install a pre-finished or raw unfinished type wood. The narrower style is referred to as strip flooring and the wider widths are planks. The most common use of these are put down over a wood sub floor, nailed down by pneumatic staplers. Because of advanced technologies in adhesives some applications will allow us to glue down over concrete floors. Although Some brand new concrete (still having moisture) or rough finish surfaces, will not allow us to do this, many pre existing concrete floors will allow a direct glue down application, giving the beauty of wood floors in places not before possible to do. In some applications, a floating floor may be required.  It doesn't have that same solid feel that a nail down or glue down has, but still has the beauty and durability of old fashioned nailed floors. The snap together engineered floors are also considered floating floors.  Engineered floors are typically cross layered like plywood. This cross layering is a feature that doesn't give the thickness of a solid floor for sanding, but is structured to handle moisture better and doesn't have the expansion and shrinkage problem.  Most of the floors mentioned, except for the raw solid material, is refinished at a factory. The pre-finished allows for the process on the job to be shortened by not having the extra step of sanding and finishing. The pre-finish materials are usually of very good quality, but do lack a certain look that a raw, sand and finish type floors have.

In addition to various wood floors, we now offer LVT (luxury vinyl  Tile) in the recent plank style. These are generally installed ideally over concrete sub floors but are also fine on wood sub floors. They have an amazing appearance of real wood, but are very durable and water proof, for an ideal basement application. We have installed on wood sub floors as well and look great. As an alternative to carpet in rental situations, they're ideal.

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