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Refinishing is simply the process of sanding old finished floors or sanding new ones and applying stain/sealer and top coating of polyurethane. We use state-of-the-art sanding equipment and use dust containment with all of our sanders. When we sand floors, we remove scratches, normal wear and anything else that may be sanded off that detracts from the total beauty of the floors. We'll do what it takes to accomplish this, but remove as little as possible to keep the floors intact for future requirements. Occasionally, some damages to the floor cannot be repaired via sanding and replacing boards becomes necessary.  


The finish we prefer is water based. We do this to lessen the impact of time for the homeowner to be out of their home and also lessen the amount of toxic fumes created from oil modified polyurethanes. The drying time for water based, as well as curing time, is much less. The off gassing from water based finishes also won't have the toxicity of oil modified finishes either. It dissipates in less time and allows a homeowner to walk on in as little time as a half day after the final coat is applied. We will use oil based materials when requested, but my professional choice is for water based finish. The durability is comparable and for some commercial grades, better. The finished surface also has the same sheen options as the traditional oil based finishes.

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